Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wine stand

Well I did get the wine stand done and shipped to the customer by the due date. It was wonderful and I was proud of it. I thought I could have done better, but I always think that of my work.
Before I go any further let me post some pics of the finished wine stand so that you can judge for your self.

After it was all done I brought it to UPS and had them crate it up and send it out. I made sure and told them to put $500 insurance on it. Well….. it did not arrive as it should have. It arrived damaged. That’s right, even in the crate that UPS made for it. And guess what. They did not put $500 of insurance on it. They only put $300 on it. “Well I don’t remember.” That is what the guy at UPS had to say about it, when I reminded him, that I had said $500.

As you can see the leaf that holds one of the glasses was bent down and almost torn off. The petal was also bend down. Now the wine bottle does not go into place as it should.

I have a few questions for UPS. How do you damage a wine stand that is crated and says “Fragile” ? Or if it was damaged before being crated “How can you still crate it and send it out?”??????
I think the guy may have dropped it before putting it in the crate.

Oh yeah. How does $500 sound like $300?

Here is a knife that I finished and shipped off.


M. Huw Evans said...

Nice knife!

And the wine stand is still beautiful. Everyone who sees it comments on it.

I think you need to move to a more art-friendly town so that you can start really making a living at this stuff -- without having to ship it across the country.

Zech Moore said...

Lol. Well I am going to try to get some stuff to Wausau and Door County.

Seth said...

The wine stand turned out awesome. Wish I could have seen it in person. I guess I'll have to visit Micaiah in order to do that.

Sucks about the shipping damage, but it still looks like it's pretty cool.